Our Purpose

Imagine the challenge of landing a 54,000 pound aircraft traveling at 150 miles per hour on a 300 foot runway versus the typical 2,300 foot runway, and if any problems are encountered there is potential to lose a $100 million dollar piece of equipment and more importantly a member of your team.

Achieving success in this kind of challenging situation requires three critical pieces

  • Process – an optimized, efficient and tested method to get the job done that all team members understand and can execute consistently
  • People – a well-trained team that is committed to the process, accountable for their responsibilities and willing to trust & support the other members on the team
  • Performance – a passion for measuring and then analyzing key metrics that provide insight into the performance of the process and the people, and the dexterity to make changes where necessary to ensure a positive outcome

We understand that many businesses and organizations don’t face the challenge of stopping an aircraft traveling at 150 miles per hour in 2 seconds, but how would your results change if you did focus on Process, People and Performance with the rigor and commitment to achieve that kind of goal?

 Imagine the possibilities.


Founding Owner


Tom Butler

Tom has more than 30 years sales, marketing and business management experience. He has worked, managed and consulted in a variety of industries with complex sales cycles in direct selling situations as well as through channel partners. to privately held international corporations.

  Tom is a successful business consultant working with executive leadership teams as well as operational teams in driving improved organizational performance such as profitability, efficient delivery of products/services and revenue growth. From the board room to the break room, Tom has experience working with all levels of an organization facilitating creativity, ownership, accountability and most importantly action toward a common goal.

Inspiration By


LTJG R.M. Butler

He flew jets, led successful sales teams, introduced innovative products in the packaging industry, provided executive leadership, and most of all was an amazing father and grandfather.  Oh yeah, he also managed to have fun on the weekends!

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